Unleash Your Expertise

The Unleash Your Expertise program was designed to help people with the gift of knowledge on a particular subject create their own income through selling their expertise online. If your goal is to help people through speaking, coaching, podcasting, authorship or courses, this is the BEST place to start. This program works whether you have years of experience and education or are new to your field.

But this isn’t just a business coaching program. This is a full holistic view of creating an economy for yourself. . .

We’ll work together to set a strong foundation for your Expertise online.

We’ll walk through the systems and processes you need 

to allow you to succeed as an expert online.

We’ll open up and work on those limiting fears you have 

of the unknown of starting this space.

We’ll make ideal connections to help you get started, 

and hold you accountable for your success.

We will give you ALL the tools, resources, support, and confidence to follow your passion and become the expert you aspire to be, serving your tribe, and growing the successful business you’ve always dreamed of. 

You don’t need a fancy degree.

You don’t need to sell for another brand or company. 

And you certainly don’t need to be dependent on anyone other than you!
You’ll break through your self-doubt, limiting mindset,
and let go of systems that were designed to hold you back by people who didn’t truly know you. 

You’ll become a confident, well respected expert within your area of expertise,
and serve the world with passion and conviction. 

You’ll be successful on your own terms
and will have a community that loves and supports you and your journey. 

We’ve been running this program in BETA for the last year with great successes. 

“I appreciated the specific details Bob provided in his feedback in improving my social media profile. He pointed out not only what was good but why it was good. He also provided comments on what needed upgrading in a way that was clear and specific enough in the details of how to achieve the desired outcome. He has provided great insight and has a deep understanding of the various social media platforms and their specific strengths"

~ Sue Carr

This is why we decided to level up the offer to make the program the most structured and turn-key as possible. We want you to succeed and scale quickly. 

As a special BONUS, included in this BETA round only,
we’re offering to run your LIVE LAUNCH event online. 

See more details later on this page.

What’s this program REALLY about?

The root of this program is teaching you as a solopreneur how to apply the 

Expert Activation Systemwhich is a simple flow that allows you 

to create content online that converts in just one hour a day. 

Why Bob Minhas?

     As an 18 year Veteran, I’ve rebuilt my personal expertise brand three times after tragic life circumstances reaching 6 figures in income. But in this program, you’re not just working with me, but my team. 

Let me share with you our brand core values:

We ALWAYS deliver a “WOW” emotion in everything we do to everyone who crosses our paths. Even if they’re just passing by.

To build a community of Entrepreneurial Leaders who empower those looking to create their own success path.

Provide a safe environment to share struggles and successes together upholding our values of Freedom, Love, Accountability, Integrity and Compassion

Bob is an incredible coach, the level of energy he brings to each session! He always has a solution and wonderful ideas. He is probably the world's best cheerleader as well!

~  Leah Epstein                    

I’m ALL about setting expectations. So what can you expect from working together?

We'll help you gain respect and visibility as THE expert in your industry online. This is what leads to getting SEEN and PAID.

We’ll help you BRAND, BUILD, and BOOST your Expertise business to the success YOU envision. This is about creating a life YOU want.

We’ll help you break through any level of failure mindset. We do accept failure, but never as a destination. We’ll teach you how to reframe challenges and instead of saying “I can’t” to “How can I” instead.

I’m going to make any and every connection I can for you to my network to help support you. Sometimes it may not be clear what the immediate value of that connection is. Trust me. Intuitively I know there’s something there.

Here’s what I CANNOT do for you … just so we’re clear.

I can’t make you rich overnight. Much of the work we do is about planting seeds for a sustainable and ongoing level of revenue. How quickly you generate revenue is in direct relation to how much of the work you’re able to do.

I WILL believe in you, but I cannot make you believe in yourself. In all the work we do together you’re likely going to feel uncomfortable. And that discomfort is you challenging your limits. I’ll cheer you through but it's YOU that needs to move through it.

I can’t read your mind. If you are struggling or something isn’t sitting right with you, I want you to tell me immediately. And don’t wait for the next time we meet each other. I want you to get everything you’re feeling in your head down in an email and send it to me. I don’t even want you to format it. Think of it like a word vomit or shared journaling. The more honest you are, the quicker I can help you work through it.

What does the program look like:

We start with a 90-minute onboarding call to walk through your vision and goals. This call is what sets the tone for what we create around your expertise.

We then schedule meetings that are 60 minutes in length. These meetings are about me teaching you step by step what you need to do, assigning homework and reviewing the previous week's homework. These calls are also open for you to talk and share.

After that onboarding call, you’ll get access to the systems and tools you’ll want to support our work together via email.

Between our calls, my expectations are that I’m seeing your work as you do it as well via email. This will ensure we use our time together on the calls effectively.

Note that if you take the 30 or 60-day offer you’ll be invited to continue with the 60 or 90-day offer respectively as well if you want to continue.

As a bonus, at the end of 30 days, we’re going to plan out a simple online webinar launch to introduce you to the world. This will be a separate call from the previous  meetings as well.

Working with Bob ... allowed me to get clarity on who could actually benefit from my knowledge. But, more importantly, who was willing to pay for it. With Bob's market research help and intuition, I was able to shift my focus and concentrate on a market to share my knowledge with that has more potential for success for me. The program allowed me to better understand and streamline my time and the work I need to do to gain recognition and revenue for my expertise."

~ Sandra Eamor

Offer Levels

30 Day Offer 


Startup Earning $0 - $5K

  • Review the market for your expertise.
  • Define the audience for your expertise.
  • Define where to find them online and how to be a part of it.
  • Optimize one social media profile and funnel for that ideal audience.
  • Define one offer to earn you revenue in that funnel.


  • Have a VERY clear buying audience to share your knowledge with.
  • Know WHEN, WHERE and WHAT to post to showcase your Expertise.
  • Have an automated process to have people move from seeing you to talking to you.
  • Have one clear path to making money as an expert online.



I am Ready!

60 Day Offer 


Qualifier - 0 - 1 Years Earning $5K - $10K

  • Everything in the 30 Day Offer
  • Determine one social media profile to optimize as a social media funnel
  • Establish Content Strategy
  • Integrate Social Listening, Social Networking, Social Influence and Social Selling


  • Every outcome in the 30 Day Offer.
  • Have a solid Social Media content calendar.
  • Save posting time with Automation or Outsourcing.
  • Have a clear path to creating credibility-building opportunities such as Speaking, guesting on Podcasts or Blogging as a guest.



Let's Rock this!

90 Day Offer 

Qualifier - 1 - 2 Years Earning More Than $10K

  • Everything in the 60 Day Offer
  • Establish Joint Ventures and Affiliate Systems
  • Email/Mobile Text Marketing
  • Web/Search Engine Optimization Blogging
  • Leverage Events/Webinars


  • Create a secondary marketing asset outside of Social Media.
  • Understand how to leverage Key Words and Phrases for Search Engine Optimization without coding.
  • Have an email nurturing plan that produces sales for your Expertise offer.
  • Have a defined webinar product to produce leads for your Expertise offer.
  • Have a clear joint venture and affiliate plan to multiply leads for your Expertise offer.



Let's get it done!

Join us where you see fit. Unsure? 

Setup a call with me over at 

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