Understanding Your Personal vs 
Your Strategic Expertise Brand

Understanding  What Your Expertise Is

Know Your Brand

​We are going to begin by talking about where strategic branding fits into your life and why you might not be aware of. Your personal brand isn’t always something you create for yourself, It’s true. 

Let’s try something. 

Grab a piece of paper and write down what you believe you are best known for. 

Now, ask 10 people who you cross paths with, on a regular basis, through your work or personal life, what THEY think you are best known for. 

You may find your answers don’t line up.

I believe in the philosophy that there are millions of versions of you in the world. 

All of these “other versions” are defined by what other people take in and interpret about you. Especially in absence of anything you give them for which to define you. 

We as humans carry a different definition of ourselves than what those outside of us do. Our own definition is built from years of what we have learned about the world around us. It is crafted by the environment we grew up in and further validated by how people taught us to be. And most of all solidified by what other people have taught us about our own worth and value in life.

But you’re not here to just read what I believe. 

You’re here because you want to understand how to build a reputation of expertise so that you can make money online.

The good news is the definition in place, is never permanent. 

You can completely change this definition to your benefit! Having a brand that YOU define and put to the world, allows for more of what you want to show up in your career, your business, and your personal life. 

Now given all that, let’s look at my formula for what makes up your personal brand.

Your Core Values + Your Life Experience = Your Personal Brand

Your life experience is exactly that. 

Your experience, defined by you, and often colored by the core values you established in childhood. These two factors make up what people see of you, even if you want to try and display something different. 

Here's a fun exercise to try. Go to Google and search core values. You should be presented with 50 or 60 different core values. From that list, pick five you really identify with. Now I want you to identify, based on those five core values, who it is you want to be. Because those core values are what are going to allow your ideal audience to resonate with you in terms of how you share your knowledge. 

Working together, we want to cultivate your personal expertise brand strategically. Meaning, we might know you are the expert in what you know, but how do we show it to the world in a fashion that works in your favour continuously. 

Well, wouldn’t you know it. I have another equation for that, and it looks like this:

Your Core Values + Your Life Experience + Your Work Experience 
+ What You are Passionate About + What does the Market Want 
Your Personal Expertise Brand

In this formula, you can see the “trifecta” in personal branding and understanding your expertise. 

The idea behind the trifecta is that expertise is no longer just about knowledge. Its about who YOU are in the combination of three important pillars. 

Grab a piece of paper and let’s try another exercise as you follow below. 

Your Work Experience:

The first pillar is taking stock of what your work experience has been, and this usually takes from your life experience as well.
      • What are ALL the things you’ve done for work, whether paid or unpaid?
      • What skills have been learned and used successfully in the past?
From being a CFO to being a father, there are skills that you’ve developed over time either consciously or unconsciously. Write them all down now.

Note: This is important because it is not just about your career, it's about all the things you've experienced in life influencing what your knowledge or expertise is going to be. 

Your Goals / Vision:

The second pillar is understanding what you are passionate about and what gets you excited every day, because no one can build a long-lasting business in knowledge, if they hate what they do.

 On that same piece of paper, write down things that get you excited not just in your life currently, but consider things that you enjoyed in your younger years. 

Don’t try and censor or make it relevant to work. Just write as many as you can down, from your heart. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you feel yourself smile and brighten up energetically.

What Does The Market Want:

Part of understanding your expertise is appreciating there is a market for it as well. 

Often people are in disbelief that their knowledge has monetary value. 

There is another side to this which is often the rub, where dreams are killed or why people quit and swear off entrepreneurship.

You may find your own intersection between passion and experience and with that, you delve into making it a business. Understanding your expertise also includes understanding the business side of it BEFORE you run full steam ahead. 

 With the same paper we were using earlier, I want you to “connect” any one passion you wrote down with any one experience you wrote down. Really use your imagination here and think about what you see in the world now. 

Maybe you love music and have experience teaching. Maybe you are experienced at organization and love designing. 

So, here is where the magic happens! 

Once you build a list of your expertise and build a list of what makes you happy and passionate, the third factor is, what does the market want - based on those two things. When you connect the dots, your goal will be to research Google or through friends, if there are people offering that knowledge for a fee yet. If they are, great! If not, why not?

For example, if you've got a lot of experience in finance in the corporate world, but what really gets you excited is helping single parent families. We need to look at the market using tested Market Research strategies and determine if there's a market for helping single parent families get more in control of their finances.

At this point, as you continue this expertise, you will be able to loosely confirm a market that is willing to pay for your expertise. This continues with knowing what your market is and how to effectively communicate your expert knowledge to them. 

We call this defining the “Marketability” of your brand.

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