Remove the frustration and time lost in trying to get attention for your product or service online.

If you’re a Storefront or Home Based Business this past year you’ve

  • Dealt with stress around the uncertain
  • Invested more into compliance
  • Struggled with finding or retaining staffing

I get that. As a storefront business owner as well, I’ve felt the struggles we’ve all had over this past year. Social Media just didn’t seem like a priority over everything else. 

But at some level, you know it's important to help you come back and thrive in your business today. And this is the club to help you do it!

Storefront to Online is a Social Media Club for Product or Service based business owners that have either a Brick and Mortar location or work out of their Home and are just lost or overwhelmed with getting their online marketing working again.

Just imagine what your business, and your life would look like, if you…

  • Felt regular motivation and accountability to post online consistently
  • Felt clear on the action needed to make your online marketing effective
  • No longer felt fear around marketing and putting yourself out there
  • Felt like someone had your back, and was always in your corner 
  • Didn’t feel the need to chase the next best advertising idea each month

The Storefront to Online Club is your place for learning, support and accountability to achieve the results of more visibility and sales for your products and services online.!

"This program was a great way for us to connect and for us to test out our first attempt at video chat in the newer formats on market now. The series was great and we will definitely have to go back and review the discussions."

- Mike and Heide (Equestrian Trainers)

In our club, you'll learn simple and actionable tips and tricks for social media to help you achieve the sales you want in your business.

What's included in the Club?

Weekly "content" planning sessions - don't try and guess what to talk about online

Weekly virtual cowork sessions to create content - sometimes, having a "body double" helps you feel more motivated

Weekly mindset chats - digital, business or just life, these are chats where we can openly talk about where we feel stuck and get support to move through it

bi-monthly business development chats - more than just digital content, this is a chance to get advice from experiences business coaches about your business itself

Gamified action programs to win prizes for implementing a digital marketing solution.

Adding Expert Speakers and New Topics each month based on club member feedback

Your investment is only $97/mo CAD

No long term commitment. Cancel anytime.

" I really enjoyed the sessions with Bob. I appreciated the specific details of your feedback on my LinkedIn profile. You pointed out not only what was good but why it was good. Your comments on what needed upgrading was also clear and specific enough in the details of how to achieve the desired outcome."

- S. C.

Here’s the thing. Much of our core values revolves around Love and Support

However, we aren’t willing to hold a space for failure here. 

We want to see you join the club only if you’re ready to commit time to take consistent action to implement what you’ve been given.

Some of the advice you’ll receive may be new and uncomfortable. We’re going to continually encourage you to take those steps towards a lot of unknown things for you. 

Part of the club offers you the support, the accountability and the training you need to find success with posting online. However it only works if you use it. 

On a personal note, I feel as though the most amazing feature of being a part of this community is more than just the support and accountability, but the training modules that you can watch at your place as well. Each module is designed to help you improve some level of digital marketing, and each month we’ll be inviting experts to continue adding to the module series. 

How the program works

Fill Me Up!

Fill out the application to ensure the program

 is a good fit for you.

Onboarding Email

 Once accepted into the program, you'll receive an onboarding email with everything you need to get started.

Join the Facebook Group

 Join the Facebook group and start consuming the resources available.

Weekly Mastermind

Attend our weekly Masterminds to ask questions specific to you and your goals.

Full database of monthly masterclass waiting for you Including:

Ideal Customer Profile

Who the heck wants and NEEDS your product or service?

Create Online Content

What is the PERFECT format for a post?

Social Media Basics 

From Facebook to TikTok, let’s talk about how to optimize each platform.

Email Marketing Basics

 Yes. Your ideal customers WANT you to email them!

Google My Business/SEO

Search Engine Optimization isn’t as out of reach as you think.

Website Basics

What is the best way to layout your website for people to buy from you?

Graphic Design Basics

You don’t need to be an artist, but you do need some basic visuals.

Goals and Analytics

Let’s define a basic digital marketing plan

"This program has solidified that I need to keep marketing and targeting new contacts/clients every week. I have gained some confidence to ask for business, a review. I learned marketing strategies that I was not aware of. It's good to hear other experiences while trying to build their business. This program has me thinking outside the box. Bob is very inspirational and adapts with you & your business."

- Tara E.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't sure where to get started? Join us for an upcoming Content Club 90 minute session where we'll talk about important trends and topics for social media and help you create your social media content as a group.

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