Executing the Media Plan for your Expertise Brand

Social Media Branding Coaching

When it comes to Media Coaching and Planning you want to ensure that part of your strategy is a clear roadmap. What are you going to post online, where are you going to post it, and the most important is really understanding who you are talking to and why. This is the start to what we call Visibility. Visibility is a magical tool which works even when you are not working. 

Social media channels are individually overwhelming, so when I work with a client, my goal is to always ensure we pick one social media network to focus on where we know their ideal audience is going to be and use as many features as possible on that particular platform. 


Whether we are using stories and IGTV on Instagram or LinkedIn articles and a company page, we need to ensure that whatever we are using, consistently focuses on talking to the right people, who can benefit from the knowledge and expertise we have to share in the market we've identified they need it within. 

Expertise Brand + (Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn + Instagram + Pinterest 

+ TikTok + YouTube + Clubhouse) / Fear of Failure 

= Overwhelm

One of the best tools for media coaching and planning is the use of a Content Calendar. This allows us to plan what content to post and when to post it - in advance. The hardest part about being an entrepreneur, let alone an expert entrepreneur, is trying to come up with content on the fly. You may not feel inspired to write that day or you may not be sure of what you want to talk about. With a Content Calendar we can develop a meaningful strategy around what we're going to say over a period of time. Think about it like chapters in a book. It's rare that you see a book haphazardly put together. A Content Calendar allows you that same smooth transition between chapters on your social media profile. 


The real advantage to a Content Calendar is the fact that you can also automate the content that you create. So, when you come up with what you want to post on social media and in your content calendar, you schedule when it is going to post and also have it automatically post so that you're not having to login every time your post is scheduled to be released. It allows you more time to focus on the core items of your business as opposed to the administrative parts about your business. 

Expertise Brand + Online Content Calendar = Consistency and also Visibility

When I work with clients, we can usually come through this process in 2 hours in one day. So, let's think about that. In 2 hours, you can get your entire social media posts and strategies up and running for the following month. It is a much more efficient way to do things, but more importantly it is strategic because it allows you to keep your focus on more business building tasks.


Content calendars also drive you to create expertise content on channels outside your own. Being a guest on the right podcasts or speaking to a community of like-minded people by invitation by their leader. Visibility also means getting you out there so if people search for the knowledge you have, you are the most likely to appear in a search. 


I see experts doing this now. They will bend over backwards to get on a podcast or offer to speak for free, time after time. When I work with my clients, part of the media planning component is purposeful  media. Getting paid to speak is one thing but being tactful at where you invest your time and share your knowledge is the real goal.

You are essentially looking for getting the most return of your time investment in media.

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