Bob Minhas

HOT SEAT Thursday

       When I started coaching.....

When I started coaching small business owners with the Government, I've had a few instances of sweaty palms whenever I help an Entrepreneur solve their specific business challenge. I wasn't actually "trained" for it. I just took them on one by one cold. 

I never thought much about it.

And I miss those days. 

So ... I've decided to start having some more FUN with the work I do.

Starting on Mon Nov 2 at 8pm, I'm starting a new series  (inspired by my business mentor and coach @Karl) 


"I Guaranteed to Solve Any Marketing Problem On The Spot!" with a live audience. 

Comment below to be one of only 50 business owners to get FULL access to me that'll either see me CRASH and BURN or solve their pressing issue.

Count me In !

How long will it run for?

See ... that's the fun part. I keep going until someone stumps me or everyone's questions are answered. 

.....and if someone does stump me, I will gladly give them 
$50 CAD (sorry US friends) ... 

No topic, no question, no opinion, no comment will be
off limits.
      • Getting NEW Leads During Covid-19
      • Social Media Marketing 
      • Maximizing Video for your Business
      • Creating Expertise Packages
      • Coming up with new Pricing
      • Conversion of Product/Service Clients into Coaching Clients
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • How to Structure Your First  Expertise/Coaching Program 
      • How to Save a Coaching Client
      • How to create Irresistible Offers
      • How to make decisions from your Numbers. 

LIVE for all to see…

I will either solve the most pressing Business challenges and succeed or FAIL WILDLY for you to painstakingly view and give up $50 CAD.

It will 100% Sell Out.
Join Now!