Coaching for Woman with Small Business

You are a Woman with a Small Business    

You know it’s time to implement an action plan and make your small business become a reality, but the truth is, everyone struggles with change and women, in particular, are conditioned to put other people first. Your career is important to you and you want to thrive and create success on your terms.

Are you ready for your next professional challenge but not sure what that looks like yet or how to make it happen?

We can talk about the importance of self-care, but actually this is about creating space and finding the courage and method to change what isn’t working for you.

Some may say that if you can’t make change stick, you just don’t want it badly enough. Others may say you need more discipline or willpower. The little voice in your head has likely echoed these thoughts on more than one occasion, am I right?

The truth is everyone struggles with change, it only means that you’re human. It is normal, but there is a better way. If pushing and striving and pressuring yourself isn’t working, perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

As an Entrepreneurial Coach, I can help with your small business goals. I’ve been very successful, over the years, strategizing and building a personal brand several for women entrepreneurs.

Expertise Brand + Systems for Change = Longevity in Revenue

Your life experience is exactly that. 

See if any of following fit with how you are feeling right now -

  • You're ambitious but lack of business career direction is holding you back.

  • You feel like you're yet to find your true career purpose or fulfil your potential.

  • You're on the right path but you need to overcome some challenges in order to define your success.

  • You're aware that limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, self-belief or fear of failure may be holding you back.

  • You’re no longer willing to let life or excuses get in the way of your business goals and aspirations.

  • You're prepared to do what it takes to be successful.

(Something Holding you Back) + Entrepreneurial Coaching
​ = Momentum to Move Forward

It’s time to implement an action plan and make your dream business become a reality. 

Let’s make it happen!