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I have this belief that I want to share with you. The idea of what an Entrepreneur REALLY is. 

To me, an Entrepreneur isn't just some risk taker that just makes money. 

An Entrepreneur is truly a noble way of seeing the world. Its how we think. From critical thinking to communication to some inevitable management of risk, Entrepreneurship is the most accessible gift to the Human Race. 

To me Entrepreneurship doesn’t know gender. It doesn’t know race or culture. It doesn’t know education or even socioeconomic status. 

You are not born an Entrepreneur. 

Anyone can be an Entrepreneur. 

Now certainly Entrepreneurship will be more accessible to others simply based on the resources they have access to in life. 

But, I can share MY model of what makes for the perfect formula for an Entrepreneur to be a success.

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  • Physical : How you treat your body is a VERY good indicator of how you’ll treat your business. Do you invest in its best operation even though it might be hard work?
  • Mental :How you manage stress and the unknown. How you cope with loneliness or manage the childhood patterns and trauma that cause a number of mental health challenges and breakdowns.
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  • Relationships
  • Family


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  • Business
  • Communication
  • Specific to your industry