Establishing A Marketing Strategy 
for your Expertise Brand

Establish Your Brand Strategy

When establishing a marketing strategy for your expertise brand and sharing it with the world what it is you can do is remember that humans are VERY overstimulated. People are constantly inundated with information through all of their senses. 


NLP tells us that we actually receive more information to our senses, then we actually can process. So, when it comes to creating, developing, and expressing your personal brand, a simple post reading “you just proved I’m your go to expert” is not going to work. That’s why a plan and consistency is extremely important.


You've probably heard that for someone to resonate or really understand what you do, they need a number of touchpoints to experience you. And that is true. The benefit you have in today's market and with today’s technology and reach online, is you can do it on so many different levels. We call this being omnipresent in your marketing. 

Expertise Brand + Consistency = Visibility

Whether speaking to a group, creating content on social media to display your experience, or sharing knowledge in a podcast interview, there are many ways you can continue that consistency. 

​As long as you have a plan behind it that drives what you are doing.


In other words, consistency without a plan has no value. A plan without consistency has no value. The goal is to develop a consistent marketing strategy that you can execute and maintain while also getting a return on the investment of your time. 

This plan is the start to your business building activities as an Expert. 

This can be done by considering three important questions -

Who is the audience that would best benefit from my knowledge?

 You may be thinking EVERYONE right? Not to worry, that happens a lot. You are not here because you are an expert in business, but rather because you love what you can do. The thing about trying to share your knowledge with everyone is that you end up benefiting no one. As humans, we try and stretch our knowledge to fit so many people that its hard for people to fully appreciate the benefit of that knowledge in their lives. So, we really want to dig deep and create a “person” who represents that perfect audience member, nodding in agreement with everything we say, and in turn you can share your knowledge answering the questions and resolving the pains these folks have. 

How is the best way to deliver what it is I know?

On Cultivating Your Expertise Brand I talk about the 5 different tools to sharing your experience. When you look at them, you’ll notice that they all operate in different formats. Either people absorb that knowledge visually, or audibly or perhaps they best absorb as they read it.

 The other questions here are –

  • Where do they absorb it?
  • What social network do they spend time on most frequently?

And finally, the core question -

How will you actually make money?

This is where we differentiate the knowledge expert from the business expert. And this is where most of the magic happens with my clients.  Developing revenue streams and spending time visualizing "how you make money" is some of the most enjoyable time we get to spend with coaches.

But what would it take to actually have them hand over money for your time and your knowledge?

Expertise Brand + Ideal Online Network  x Irresistible Offer = How You Make Money

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