Cultivating Your Expertise Brand

Cultivating Your Expertise Brand

Once you’ve got the ‘trifecta’ worked out, we now look at cultivating your personal expertise brand into something that can generate revenue. This certainly is not an overnight process. Our main goal is going to be around establishing “Credibility” for you as an Expert online. More importantly, why are YOU the expert for the people you’re going to help?

When considering the process of cultivating your brand, you want to approach it with both the right assets for your personal expertise brand and the right tools for which to execute.

Let’s start with the actual brand itself. 

Part of what ties the emotion to your brand includes all of the visual components. How your brand appears visually contributes to your credibility online. The colours you choose, the style and feel of the font. Everything around how your expertise brand assets. Consider our formula earlier when it comes to defining your expertise. The same applies to your visual assets. It should be representative of your core values and who you are as well as be relevant to those you want to help.  

Here is another exercise to help you understand this process.

Google“What each colour means”or “The emotion of colour” and you may be surprised at how two different colours can give two different impressions. Spend some time and think about those core values of yours. What colours do you think best express those core values?

Core Values + Passion = Brand Colour

Once you’ve cultivated a visual identity to your expertise brand you want to marry it with a vehicle for which to deliver it. There are a multitude of ways to develop your expertise brand.

In my experience, there are 5 common vehicles from which to develop your brand with:


Whether you are live or virtual to an audience or speaking into the lens of a camera and sharing it online, speaking is an amazing tool when crafted to share your knowledge. With the rise of virtual speaking, it gives you access to even more communities for which to share your knowledge than ever before and do it in an authentic, relevant, and meaningful way.


This is a tool on the rise and made accessible by anyone, anywhere. A podcast carries a number of different formats from audio to video, interview style to one person sharing their thoughts. Podcasts also have a number of crafted channels to reach people allowing more of the reach to be attended by these platforms.


Authorship carries more than the idea of writing a book. It is the ability to share your knowledge in words. More than books, this can appear in blogs or even social media posts. Authorship works well for the creative expert who can draw amazing visual experiences with words. With the self-publishing movement establishing credibility as an author, it is easier than ever.


Online courses have been prolific in the field of sharing knowledge. From free YouTube videos to full paid certifications, online courses are the fastest way to get your knowledge out in a widespread fashion. Courses are often great introductory tools for people to develop a relationship with you and get a sense of your core values while consuming your expertise.


Providing advice in exchange for time is the simplest form. Whether this takes the form of coaching through done for you models, done with you models or do it yourself models, consulting is how experts quickly monetize their knowledge on every level and is often complemented by one of the previously four tools mentioned.

Expertise Brand + Online Vehicle 
​= Expertise Brand Asset

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