Coaching for Executive Women

The truth is,  women executives in high-level positions who are used to being in leadership positions – are not always in touch with their real power. They shy away from it.

Sadly, women have been conditioned to believe that power has a masculine energy. In reality, though, authentic power is a neutral energy - it's not masculine or feminine. Authentic power isn't physical - it's not about exerting pressure or force.

It's more about opening up and being comfortable with the full force of who you are 

- your talents - your skills - your intelligence - and your uniqueness 

Women who are comfortable in their own power, are able to acknowledge their goals; take ownership for financial success; acknowledge their drive and ambition, and especially their failures. The only way to get there is to be honest about the discomfort and start communicating the ways to honor their unique and powerful gifts.

Through my executive coaching I build experts by understanding their strategy and cultivating their personal expertise brand

I specialize in helping high-level women executives, professional women, and women entrepreneurs who want to achieve a more sacred kind of success. For these women, the desire to play a bigger game requires a strong profit motive, but making money is no longer the goal. The goal is a search for significance, a journey to uncover the wealth of the self, a rite of passage to their highest purpose, and to a life that is as unique as their fingerprint.

Women + Entrepreneur = Entrepreneur

A coach is especially important for women because their journey to leadership is not direct; they encounter many obstacles and unexpected changes along the way. Their careers don’t always progress logically one step up at a time and therefore, they must constantly recalculate and reassess their next move, and it takes savvy and strategy. Women often need to negotiate around barriers due to family, subtle gender bias, as well as their own internal barriers, fears, and self-doubt.

The focus of coaching is usually on skills such as strategic vision   . The unique problems that women executives face can be addressed with an individually tailored approach, as offered by executive coaching.

Executive coaching increases psychological and social awareness and understanding, as well as the ability to develop and maintain effective interpersonal relationships.

Coaching helps ambitious women:     

Think strategically about their careers

Increase self-awareness

Work through challenging relationships

Create a plan for increased visibility and influence

Strengthen leadership skills

Overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt

Move out of their comfort zone 

Gender + Coach = Entrepreneurial Success

To maximize your work with a coach, it is important to establish realistic goals and time frames from the onset. I recommend not only defining career goals but also establishing specific measurable goals for the coaching as well. It is quite possible that your goals and time frames will need to be modified over time.

Working together – We can make it happen!

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