3 Pillars to being the GO TO Expert in any Industry

13.08.20 12:11 PM By Bob

In the work that I do I feel SO blessed to come across many talented people who have positioned themselves as an expert and small service-based businesses who have gone from zero to thousands $$$ in monthly revenue. And the best part is that most of them followed the same cliche yet effective advice from experts. Today, I am going to talk exactly about this “cliche” that many struggling entrepreneurs have either forgotten or overlooked because they’ve assumed that it doesn’t work anymore. 

SO, read on to explore 3 pillars to being the go-to Expert in any industry. And, if you are one of those entrepreneurs …..Let’s say you have missed many opportunities just by ignoring this golden advice and you will know how at the end of this blog post. 

1- Marketability

Imagine wandering in a new city for the first time without a map or pre-research? And people there are also speaking a language foreign to you.. What happens then? 

Too much time lost in figuring out your way and finding the right people to interact. Let’s not forget the not so good surprises and risks involved in such an adventure. 

Business is a kind of adventure too and needs the same type of approach. You don’t wanna set out without doing your homework beforehand. So, whether you've got a service to offer or product to sell, finding the right market and exploring it in depth is the first and foremost step to take.

Therefore, invest your time to look around, analyze things and MUST find answers to these questions before you start out:

  • Do people NEED the expertise you have?

  • Are there competitors that make it an unattractive industry (Government, Multi-National Corps, National Corps (e.g. Rogers)

  • How saturated is the market? 

  • What are the common words and phrases used by consumers and competitors?

  • What problems compel people to avail that service?

Most common responses I get are:

Hey Bob, it’s too saturated. People won’t notice me. Competition is too hard. People are not that interested. They don’t have the budget to avail my expertise ...and the list goes on.

KNOW THIS that the goal is not get discouraged and ditch your business expertise. But to become  aware of how your market is and then fill the gaps in that market in your favour. YES! Just like that lawyer who looks deeply to identify loopholes in contracts. And there are always some if you look closely.

When you have a complete idea about your ideal clients needs & desires and the environment of your market, you will gain much more clarity to come up with new strategies to fit in your EXPERTISE in that market and attract attention with your unique approach. 

Market Image by Jezael Melgoza from Unsplash

2- Visibility

Ever wondered why brands keep repeating the same ads for days or even months consistently? (It really frustrated me when I was child and there were tons during my favourite TV shows)

The more visible you are, the more memorable you become.

How will people hire you to serve them if they don't know what your EXPERTISE is? Break that  ghost image and BE SEEN in your community or wherever your dream clients are. 

  • Expand your circle whether it’s virtually on social media platforms or in your real life communities, to boost your visibility. Look out for the opportunities to speak on events like seminars, webinars, and meet ups. 

  • Becoming a guest on podcasts relevant to your niche can also do wonders and don’t be surprised if you get lots of leads from them. 

  • Invest in Search Engine optimization (SEO), If you’ve got your own website and couple of social media accounts for online presence. This is important if you want to appear in top search results  and get clicked when people search on the Internet for certain keywords & phrases related to your niche. 

There are some practices that you can easily learn and do yourself for good ranking such as using your main keywords often in your content, consistent blogging on your website, quality backlinking from authority websites, etc. However, SEO is bit complex as well and you will need a SEO specialist to do it effectively for you. 

Two women talking image by Amy Hirschi from Unsplash
3- Credibility

You did your research and got the strategy to market your expertise. You also stepped out of the shadows and stood out in the spotlight to get noticed. BUT..another barrier is still there between your client and your expertise business i.e Trust. 

This is where the third pillar of credibility comes in to support. 

Your expertise has no VALUE for people if you are not credible for them. And this stops you from serving the big market and earning more revenue. If people are finding it hard to trust and believe you, then, it’s a high time for you to strengthen this pillar. Trust is hard to earn but REMEMBER that this earning is more important than your cash and gold. 

You can build trust by connecting genuinely and helping others within your work. Once they like your authentic self, trusting you will come naturally for them. Moreover, don’t brag or boast about your skills. However, be confident when it comes to your own expertise so others can rely on you. Work on getting feedback from other experts and showcase your testimonials and awards wherever necessary. 

Honesty, competency and authenticity are three important keys for becoming a credible expert in any industry. 

Trust Image by Dave Lowe from Unsplash

In a Nutshell

There are different ways to become the sought after expert in your work but the pillars are the same in every industry that are:

  • Marketability: Learning how to market your expertise.

  • Visibility: Show up consistently and be seen where your dream clients hang out.

  • Credibility: Build rapport and nurture your trust with people. 

So starting today, check those pillars and work on strengthening each of them to give a solid foundation to your Expertise Business ..where people feel safe to sit with you.