What is your Money Mindset?

Try this: 

Take a $10 bill out of your wallet. When you look at that beautiful bill, do you see abundance? Or do you see “only” a $10 bill, and find your mind circling the poverty-consciousness drain?

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How to Identify the Ideal Audience for your Business 

Defining your target audience is arguably one of the most important things you can do as a small business owner. With a well-defined target market, you get to save time and money that you would otherwise be spending targeting anyone who might be interested in your products or services. ...

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Ways to Discover Your Expertise and Get Paid for It 

If someone asks what your expertise is, you'll probably be able to enumerate some of the top skills that you’ve developed throughout the years. That's because each of us has our own expertise that allows us to thrive in our careers and to basically survive in today’s competitive environment. 


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How to Build Your Confidence as a New Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs share a lot of similar qualities including motivation, persistence, and creative thinking. All of these allow them to keep moving in the right direction towards their business goals. But the quality that has the biggest impact in achieving great success as a bus...

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The truth is that we become leaders the second we own a business and step into the entrepreneurial world. BUT turning this important role into a success or failure is totally a matter of choice. Business owners that are too focused on just transactions and closing sales/deals without genuinely conne...

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