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I want to help you GET SEEN, BE HEARDand GET PAID online as the Expert you are in just one hour a day using my Expert Activation Technique and 

#CreateYourOwnEconomy. 🥰

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Great question!

For me, it's based on three things:

 I CRAVE helping those with the gift of knowledge create their own legacy and giving people the ability to empower themselves through having the financial means for life freedom.

I LOVE learning new things! I mean … what better way to level up life skills than surrounding myself with brilliant special people?

I BELIEVE Entrepreneurship should be accessible. Entrepreneurship doesn’t know gender, colour or even age. It belongs to anyone who desires it. And everyone has knowledge that has value!

Just imagine being able to redefine your life on your terms with confidence and having a clear blueprint to make it happen just using the knowledge, experience and expertise you’ve built up. 🤯🤯🤯

Through my virtual events and group programs, my team of experts and I work with you to help you create content that you can endlessly distribute to get visibility on YOU and your Expertise. 

Homeless to Investment Property Owner 🏠

18 year Entrepreneur and Mental Health Advocate 🧠

 Recovering Government Servant

TEDxOrganizer for Mental Health

Father of 3 Future Leaders

My Story

I build experts. In my eighteen-year career building my own expert brand and coaching entrepreneurs I've mastered the difference between business owner and Entrepreneur with authority. 

The ladder is how you build wealth and leave your legacy. ✌️🙏☝️

 I built my first full time business to a quarter million dollars with no advertising leading to  celebrity clients and appearances on HGTV. 

Then I lost it all: my home, my family, and my business. My identity as a whole.

Building my life back from scratch, I've now coached over 600 Entrepreneurs through workshops and individual coaching and aim to help 5000 expert Entrepreneurs succeed!

What others have to say:

"His humour and personal story captivate and inspire. And he has the unique ability to mold examples and solutions in the moment for specific business inquiries, while staying on his teaching platform." 

- My Mom.

"Bob is a heart-centered consultant with a ton of ideas and resources to help entrepreneurs move forward. He invited me to get on a call with him after I mentioned in passing that I was having a business challenge and he offered many amazing ideas, thoughts, resources. He over-delivers in value (if there is such a thing) and taught me a lot in our short call. Thank you Bob! "

~ Conny Lee

But its not just about me. I’m blessed to work with some amazing people, and for you to appreciate how much I love them, check out our Brand Core Values