Sales Professionals and Sales Teams

Its a whole new world in high ticket retail sales.

People aren’t walking into your dealership or furniture gallery as quickly as the once were.

Buying patterns have shifted

Your customer has learned how much MORE convenient the online experience can be.

... and how are you adjusting?

If you’re a Sales Leader and are looking for a game changing way to drive leads to get CHURN-Resistant clients

I help with the Expert Activation Technique which is designed to help sales professionals leverage existing digital tools easily and effectively to grow their book of business online.

How does the Expert Activation Technique work?


We start with understanding your background and history. And from there look for a sub niche market that you can dominate


We then move to “curating” content from other sources that is relatable to your sub niche audience


Then to drive leads we apply credibility enforcing techniques to your digital content

In the DIY Model we teach you how to execute this method in one hour a day

How can we work together

Do it yourself

Webinars and 

Live Presentations

Done with You

Monthly private group

Done for you

Let my team execute the social plan to drive the leads directly into your inbox. You just close.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you mean by “Churn” resistant clients?

By branding based on your authority, you are showcasing your expertise to cultivate trust. Most high ticket retail see their clients on a 2-4 year cycle. How are you ensuring that you’re the FIRST place they contact when they’re ready to buy again?

Does this system require us to purchase digital ads?

No, we teach you an organic system that can work on any social media platform or digital channel. 

How does this work if we have an inhouse digital marketing team?

What you learn can be easily applied to an established strategy. 

Aren't sure where to get started? Join us for an upcoming Content Club 90 minute session where we'll talk about important trends and topics for social media and help you create your social media content as a group.

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